Charcoal Barbecues

Charcoal Barbecues

Nothing beats the smoky barbecue flavour that can only be created on a charcoal barbecue.

All Charcoal Grills

All Charcoal Grills

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All Charcoal Grills

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Charcoal Barbecues

There’s nothing close to that taste of perfectly grilled vegetables or meat, served piping hot from a charcoal BBQ. The sound of food sizzling, the smoky aromas and delicious charcoal flavours, all create a fantastic culinary experience for friends and family. Here, you can find out more about Weber’s versatile range of innovative charcoal barbecues.

Enjoy unique smoky flavours with our charcoal barbecues (benefits of charcoal barbecues)

Weber's charcoal or coal BBQ grills provide all the wonderful qualities of cooking with charcoal, from that rich, smokytaste to high heat for a deliciously seared steak. As the food sizzles, the juices drip down and mingle with the burning embers. This creates a wonderfully rich andsmoky aroma that infuses your meal with flavours you just can’t find anywhere else. Whether you want to grill a juicy steak, roast a rotisserie chicken, or slow cook smoky-flavoured ribs, you’ll get the best results with our wide range of small and large charcoal grills.

Charcoal BBQs from premium materials

We’ve been perfecting our charcoal barbecues since 1952, combining the work of our highly experienced designers with feedback from our customers. All our BBQs are produced to the highest standards using premium materials specially selected to meet your grilling needs. Made from hard-wearingand easy to clean stainless steel, our barbecues will serve you well for years to come.

Explore the wide range of Weber charcoal BBQs

With over 40 offices across the world, Weber is passionate about delivering an innovative range of products drawn from our wealth of experience in the field. We have charcoal BBQs and accessories that are just right for you, including:

  • Large barbecues to cater for those big family events
  • Portable BBQs that you can cook the day’s catch in, right by the water
  • Small grills that are even more portable, while still of our supreme quality

We have coal BBQs to suit all budgets and match all your picnic plans. Whatever your needs, you can find out more about our superb range, here:

Master Touch Series: The master of culinary adventure

Drawing inspiration from the classic Weber kettle BBQ, the Master Touch Series takes our popular design to the next level. From the superb gourmet BBQ system, flexible smoke setting and venting bowl to the specially modelled fuel holders and high-capacity ash catcher - this 3-in-1 design lets you grill, roast and smoke your meals to perfection. Other features of the Master Touch Series include:

  • built-in thermometer,
  • easy cleaning system with ash catcher
  • durable all-weather wheels so you can barbecue all year round
  • choose from classic black, Hollywood grey, or our limited edition ‘glen blue’ colour.

Smokey Mountain Cooker Series: For the love of barbecue

With its sleek and tall porcelain-enamelled bowl with integrated water pan, the Smokey Mountain Cooker is the perfect charcoal grill for infusing your foods with rich smoky flavours. It’s packed with the coal BBQ features you’ll love:

  • a water pan to help maintain the ideal moisture level
  • a tall design that provides space between the fuel and food
  • comes in three different sizes to fit your needs
  • the perfect balance of smoke, moisture and heat for superb cooking results.

Whether it’s tender pulled pork and ribs, or a delicious smoked salmon, the Smokey Mountain Cooker is all you need for a perfect outdoor meal.

Original Kettle Series: The modern version of the classic kettle

The Original Kettle is a charcoal BBQ grill that packs in plenty of features in a timeless, great value design. There’s an easy to clean stainless cooking grate, sleek porcelain-enamelled exterior, handy built-in lid thermometer and convenient lower wire rack. Everything’s on hand to help you barbecue a tasty meal, whether you’re roasting marinated chicken, grilling tender vegetables or cooking a soy-meat kebab!

Weber Charcoal BBQs – Frequently asked questions

Are you wondering about cooking with a gas, charcoal or coal BBQ, or whether to use lighter fluid or a charcoal lighter? Maybe you’re unsure of the best time to start cooking after lighting. Our handy FAQ is here to help answer your questions.

Is charcoal best for barbecuing?

Since gas BBQs became popular in the 1960s the debate has raged back and forth over which is better. They both offer advantages: gas provides convenience, less smoke for those tender flavoured foods and precise heat control. A charcoal BBQ, on the other hand, offers that rich smokytaste, combined with a higher heat for perfectly seared food. Cooking with charcoal, with the sizzling sounds, smoky aromas and glowing embers, also speaks of our long history with preparing hot food in the wild. Which is best for you depends on your requirements and both will serve you very well.

What is the best way to start a charcoal BBQ?

The best tip is to use the right charcoal along with a charcoal lighter, such as our Lighter Cubes, in conjunction with the Rapidfire Chimney Starter, all available through Weber. It’s best to use odourless, non-toxic lighter fluid or firelighter, to avoid spoiling the flavours of your meal. A chimneystarter is also a fantastic way to start a charcoal grill, with the coals held in a canister-shaped cylinder, accelerating the combustion process. Don’t forget your oven gloves and tongs!

How much time should you give a charcoal BBQ to heat up?

After starting the charcoal BBQ grill, make sure to keep the lid closed. The edges of the coals will start to turn a grey colour as a layer of ash forms. This will slowly spread over each briquet. When they are mostly covered, you’re ready to cook. The process usually takes around 15 minutes, depending on the weather.

Does a charcoal BBQ taste better than gas?

The answer to this common question is simple: it depends on the food. The smoke-free quality of gas is ideal for meals with delicate flavours. If you’re cooking a delicious light fish with a subtle taste, then gas would be the better option. If, on the other hand, you want a crisp and juicy smoked rib, or a smoke-seared steak, then a coal BBQ is the clear winner. Either can be the right choice, depending on what you plan to serve.

Buy your charcoal BBQ from Weber for the best gatherings at your home

Take the time to browse our range of barbecues and get inspired. Try out a Smokey Mountain Cooker and smoke that freshly caught salmon to perfection whilst camping with friends, or cook up a tasty family feast on the classic Original Kettle. Or, let your inner grilling gourmet go wild with the superb Master Touch charcoal BBQ for that special event! Order today and we’ll deliver within 7-9 days within the United Kingdom, except British Overseas Territories, Gibraltar, and British Forces Post Offices. We offer free returns for both recalls and voluntary returns.