Perfectly Grilled Food Without the Guesswork

Perfectly Grilled Food Without the Guesswork

Smart Grills and Smart Grilling Hub with the Updated Weber Connect App

More Than a Fancy Meat Thermometer

The newly designed Weber Connect app is packed with features that help you track and monitor your cooking progress. Checking on food and coordinating timing is as easy as glancing at your smart phone.

Simple to Use From Your Smart Phone

Discover the newly designed app experience! Now more colorful, intuitive, and interactive. 

Weber Smart Grilling Hub

Turn Any Grill Into a Smart Grill

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

The Weber Connect smart grilling hub is your secret ingredient to perfectly grilled food. It’s a step-by-step grilling assistant that sends notifications directly to your smart phone.

Weber Smart Grills

Level Up Your Grilling Game

Whether you’re a seasoned pit master, or it’s your first time picking up a pair of tongs, there is a Weber smart grill for you. Choose from gas, wood pellet, or electric in a range of sizes and styles.