Weber Connect Smart Grilling 2.0 App

Weber Connect Smart Grilling 2.0 App


Premium end-to-end user experience + intelligent technology provides BBQ enthusiasts with digital tools to create mouthwatering meals on any charcoal, gas, pellet, or electric grill 

Award-winning app features interactive dashboard, recipes, content, and how-to videos to inspire outdoor cooks worldwide

PALATINE, ILL., May 2, 2023– Just ahead of the 2023 outdoor cooking season, Weber-Stephen Products, LLC., the global leader in outdoor cooking, technology, and products, debuted today its redesigned WEBER CONNECT® Smart Grilling 2.0 App. Featuring new experiences, such as a dynamic grilling dashboard, cook graphing, recipes, instructional videos, and multi-grill and multi-recipe cooking capabilities, the App helps users monitor and track their cook -- either at the grill or remotely -- and offers inspiration and grilling knowledge, all in a fresh, streamlined, beautifully designed experience.

The WEBER CONNECT App, created completely in-house by Weber software engineers, is available to BBQ enthusiasts in multiple languages and supports gas, charcoal, wood pellet, and electric cooking on WEBER® and non-WEBER branded grills. To create the experience, the Weber team layered multiple data points that feed the cloud in a highly orchestrated way so that outdoor cooks receive continuous, colorful, and dynamic time and temperature readouts at precisely the right moment.

“Cooking outside with Weber is fun, enjoyable, and relaxing, and we’ve redesigned every element in our new WEBER CONNECT Smart Grilling App to complement the exceptional experience we strive to bring with our grills,” said Nikhil Bhogal, Senior Vice President, Technology and Connected Devices at Weber. “When we set out to improve our App, we knew we wanted to elevate the look and feel of it along with deepening its functionality and usability to speak to outdoor cooks of all skill levels, essentially creating an App that isn’t available anywhere else but with Weber.”

“We’ve created a custom guided grilling experience for our owners, which includes a new dashboard, feature sets, functionality, and content that span from beginner cooks to expert grillers. For example, a cook using more than one grill can now track and monitor what’s happening on their SMOKEFIRE® wood fired pellet grill while cooking a different meal on their WEBER GENESIS® gas grill. Or for our more advanced grillers, new precision cook graphing visually charts the progress of a cook by the second,” added Bhogal.


The WEBER CONNECT Smart Grilling App, the companion app to Weber smart grills and devices, revolutionized outdoor cooking when first introduced in 2020 with the Company’s Smart Grilling Hub, receiving the Consumer Electronics Show’s Best Connected Home Product award.

The newly redesigned WEBER CONNECT Smart Grilling 2.0 App includes the following:

All new graphing. Based on consumer demand, users can now graph their cook of multiple recipes at once on a mission-control-style dashboard. Watch the grill’s temperature (and food!) change with beautiful, colorful live graphs of temperature ranges during grilling. Each smart grill and WEBER CONNECT Smart Grilling Hub can handle up to 12 recipes and timers at once, and share app data with multiple users, so cooks can get help from other people to prepare a meal as needed.

In addition, users can share status updates with friends and family through graph data exporting. In addition to images, CSV files can be created and downloaded for spreadsheet lovers. 

More recipes. The App offers more than 800 recipes, with new recipes added frequently, that support many different dietary requirements – from vegetarian to pescatarian. Every recipe is crafted and tested by Weber Grill Masters, with fan favorites highlighted, and approximately 350 “smart” recipes walk users through step-by-step, with short looping videos and clear instructions. Recipe collections vary by geographic region.

Improved usability. Have multiple grills or smart devices? No problem. Name and then track each one on the App. View recently cooked recipes easily and bookmark favorites.

Upgraded device support. The WEBER CONNECT 2.0 App is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Apple Silicon computers, and Android operating systems. In addition, users can easily contact Weber Customer Care if extra help is needed.

Enhanced accessibility. Weber designers thoughtfully considered making the App more accessible to more cooks, so they upgraded WEBER CONNECT 2.0 to allow dynamic text (ability to increase font size) and voiceover (helps visually impaired cooks). There’s also a dark mode to change the app interface from color to black-and-white to reduce eye strain. 

Track temperatures from anywhere. Grills and devices with WEBER CONNECT technology can track a grill’s temperature and alert users when it drops below target temp or experiences other temperature fluctuations. The technology also provides real-time data on food temperature with connected food probes. Users can watch the temperature rise in the App’s charts and graphs and receive an alert when the food reaches its target temp.

Adjust temperature remotely. With some Weber smart grills, like the SMOKEFIRE wood fired pellet grill, owners can change the grill’s cook temperature and mode via the App. Turn the heat up, or shut the grill down, all from the comfort of the couch.

To access the new WEBER CONNECT 2.0 App, visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To make any grill a smart grill, purchase the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub at and from Weber retail and online partners. The Hub is available for a limited time for $89.00 (regularly $139.00). 


WEBER CONNECT technology is a proprietary, precision outdoor cooking platform that makes grilling the perfect meal simple via a breakthrough WiFi/Bluetooth and smartphone-enabled step-by-step grilling experience. In addition, the technology allows outdoor cooks to receive notifications and assistance on their smart devices. Within the WEBER CONNECT platform, Weber offers GENESIS and SPIRIT® smart gas grills and the SMOKEFIRE wood fired pellet grill, which feature this smart technology embedded in the grills. The Company also provides the WEBER CONNECT Smart Grilling Hub as a stand-alone unit that turns any grill into a smart one. 


Weber, headquartered in Palatine, Ill., is the world’s leading barbecue brand. The Company’s founder George Stephen, Sr., established the outdoor cooking category when he invented the original kettle charcoal grill more than 70 years ago. Weber offers a comprehensive, innovative product portfolio, including charcoal, gas, pellet, electric grills, smokers, griddles, and accessories designed to bring people together to create amazing memories and delicious food. Weber offers its barbecue grills, accessories, services, and experiences to a passionate community of millions across 78 countries.  

WEBER, the kettle silhouette, the kettle configuration, GENESIS, SPIRIT, SMOKEFIRE, and WEBER CONNECT are all trademarks owned by Weber-Stephen Products LLC and are the subject of trademark registrations and pending applications in the US and other countries

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