Preparing Boneless Leg of Lamb

Fp 3 A1 Lamb1

1. Begin with the fattier side facing up. Using a sharp, thin knife, remove some, but not all, of the surface fat to prevent flare-ups.

Fp 3 A1 Lamb2

2. Turn the leg over. Cut away any large clumps of fat.

Fp 3 A1 Lamb3

3. Slide the tip of your knife under the large areas of sinew and carefully work the knife between the sinew and meat.

Fp 3 A1 Lamb4

4. For slightly thicker sections of the leg, make an angled cut at the thickness you want and spread the meat open like a book.

Fp 3 A1 Lamb5

5. If one section of the leg is considerably thicker than the rest, cut it off and grill it separately.

Fp 3 A1 Lamb6

6. In the end, you should have a leg of lamb with a relatively even thickness and one or two small sections to grill separately.