Why the Summit Charcoal Grill is Unique

Why the Summit Charcoal Grill is Unique

The Weber Summit® charcoal grill is not your average, ordinary charcoal grill. It is the evolution of charcoal grilling that combines the best of our Original Kettle™, Performer® and Smokey Mountain Cooker™ with new features and added benefits.

Air-Insulated Double-Walled Lid and Bowl

Smoke for 10-12 hours on just one load of charcoal. The air-insulated lid and bowl keep hot air in and cold air out, making it easier to maintain consistent temperatures for long periods of time, which is especially helpful for smoking and low-slow cooking. 

Rapidfire® Lid Damper

The new hinged feature on the lid damper takes temperature control to the next level. By maximizing airflow your coals heat up faster allowing you to raise temperatures quickly while you're grilling. 

Snap-Jet™ Gas Ignition

The convenience of the Snap-Jet™ gas ignition will have you up and grilling in only 20 minutes. 

Two-Position Fuel Grate

The two-position fuel grate provides versatility and flexibility allowing you to smoke or grill by simply moving the position of the grate. 

Hinged Diffuser Plate

The diffuser plate deflects heat away from your food keeping temperatures low and consistent which is critical to successful smoking. The heat deflection also makes grilling the perfect pizza, bread and even cake a breeze. The hinges provide easy access for adding additional fuel or wood. 

Gourmet BBQ System™ Hinged Cooking Grate

The Gourmet BBQ System™cooking grate, with removable center, allows you to switch between a variety of Gourmet BBQ System™ inserts to take grilling to the next level. 

For more information and videos about the Summit® charcoal grill click here. To find a dealer near you click here. Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using #GrillofaLifetime. 

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Joe D

Just Purchase Mine Today. This Is One hell Of Grill !! Well Made and easy to put to Together. First Grilling Session went Flawless. Upgrading a 6 Year Old Peformer that still works Great !! Price is High but it seems very well made !!! QUALITY & Weber stands behind there Products !!!


Jennie Lussow

Ho Joe! Congratulations on your new Summit charcoal grill! Be sure to check out Weber Nation for tips and recipes for the Summit charcoal and let us see what you're grilling by posting on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages! Grill on! - Jennie


Bill f

Is there an online retailer that has this, the closest I can find is 3 hours away. Will that change as you roll this out ?


Faron W. J

We just got this grill in today! Wow! Pretty hefty unit, that's for sure!
I'm impressed...for sure!


Jennie Lussow

Hi Faron! It really is an impressive grill, isn't it? We are so glad to hear you're as excited about the Summit charcoal grill as we are! Be sure to check our website frequently, as we will be posting more recipes and videos specific to the Summit charcoal grill over the coming weeks. Thanks and grill on!


Gary H

Jennie, I DEFINITELY want one. I watched Mike's periscope/tweet at product launch. But finding one (and the money, of course) is definitely a problem. Apparently the grills are available only at Weber Alliance dealers, the closest being two hours away, and they're selling stock that has;t arrived yet. Yes, I have 9 Webers and a dedicated space for them outside, but this is a definite game changer.


Jennie Lussow

Hi Gary! I'm so happy to hear you're as excited about this new grill as we are. You're right, it's a game changer! As of now, the Summit charcoal is only being sold through specialty retailers. Click on the dealer locator below to see if there's one located near you. The demand for this product has been high and we're working hard to keep up with orders!



travis n

Well Jen, how many hours have you logged now o this cooker, and what in your opinion, do you like best. I ask because you still have the best job ever!!


Jennie Lussow

Too many to count! A passionate team of people invested a lot of time, heart and soul into this product. I'm really proud to have been part of that team and I can say with complete confidence that it really is a grill like no other! What I like best is the ease of the gas ignition, how quickly the charcoal lights (20 minutes and you're ready to go!) and my mind is still blown that you can smoke for 12 hours and never have to add any charcoal! Truly set it and forget it. Thanks for asking!


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