Why Do YOU Love To Grill?

Why Do YOU Love To Grill?

We asked our fans on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) why they love to grill and here are some of our favorite respones.

  • I love to #grill because I love to see the happiness it brings to all who get the chance to enjoy what comes off of it! - Mike
  • I like to eat! I like to eat well! :) - Jamie
  • Because I do, even after 36 years! - Bob
  • It's a way of life...... - Nick
  • Never happier than when I'm grilling! -Dan
  • Without grilling, cooking has no meaning!! - Roberto
  • ...it's the freedom of cooking! - Azel
  • I like hearing compliments. - John
  • It comes from the heart! :-) <3 - John
  • It's my happy place - Jim
  • Because my Dad loved to grill, I was lucky enough to inherit the grilling gene. - Keith
  • Chicks dig it. - Derek
  • Because my husband loves it! -Denise
  • What I make is consistently amazing! Love my Performer! - Jackie
  • It's forced relaxation. - Tim
  • Grilling lets me channel my inner caveman. Fire, meat, good. - Les
  • It keeps my kitchen clean. - Maria
  • I am good at it. - Terry
  • It makes my taste buds dance! - Greg
  • .....even though it was a rough day/week, nothing compares to the scent of animal protein getting happy over the sacred fire. The original "Aroma Therapy"....... Cheers! - Dean
  • It's a craft and not one cook is ever the same. - Mark
  • ...of my Weber kettle... - Craig
  • The end result is worth it! - Steve
  • Because nothing taste better then cooking on a grill. I've got a turkey going on mine right now! - Lester
  • It's true. It's just. It's the All-American way to cook just about anything. - Dave
  • It is my lifestyle :) - Oddmar
  • It expands my abilities as a cook. - Sam
  • Don't have to wash the cooking dish..... -Kay
  • Good food brings people together. - Ryan
  • I love to brag. Lol - Gary
  • I love to #grill because my #webergrill understands me. - Bill
  • Cmon; best steak ever...- Stephen
  • I love to grill because it allows me to experiment with my creativity. #MadSkillsChef #bringittothetable -Grant and Lisa
  • It's how my grandpa cooked, and now I get to on his grill.- Brett
  • Gets us back to our roots- cooking our food outside over fire. Oh, that and beer. - Michael
  • My dad taught me. - Carl 
  • Does anyone really need a reason to love grilling? It's grilling. - Evan
  • It's in my genetic makeup. - Justin
  • There aren't any smoke detectors outside. ;) - Dane


What are your thoughts?


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