When Are My Ribs Done?

When Are My Ribs Done?

We have been asked many times on our Facebook and Twitter pages -- How do I know when my ribs are done?

The "bend test" is an easy way to know when the ribs are ready to eat. The ribs are done when you lift a rack of ribs at one end, bone side up, and the rack bends so easily in the middle that the meat tears open.


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Tom W

I have been smoking for 30 years on Weber 22 1/2 grills and prefer chunks. They don't need wetting down like chips and will last an hour or so for the brand I now use.

Keep smoking it is a lot of fun. I do it 2-3 times a week.


Jack C

I'm pretty new to Weber charcoal grills.
I see you have chips on your coals. Do you ever use chunks of wood? Are there significant differences between the two?


Heather Herriges

You can use either chips or chunks. It is all personal preference for the flavors, you might check out our chip trial kit to see what you like best: http://store.weber.com/accessories/category/cook/smoking-chips/1406. Thanks and grill on!


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