Unique Features of the Weber® Charcoal Kettle

How well do you know your Weber® charcoal kettle? (If it’s better than your spouse and kids, take a step back.) Whether you are new to the game, or a seasoned professional, here are a few commonly overlooked features of our Original Grilling System:

  • Why does your Weber charcoal grill look so great year after year, with no rust? Easy. A porcelain-enamel coating is fired onto the bowl and lid at 1500°F. In other words, the finish is fused to the steel.

Since it isn’t a painted surface, paint cannot flake off the lid interior. If you see flaking, it is a buildup of smoke and grease and can be cleaned off with soap and water.

  • What’s the trick to getting the perfect inside temperature? First of all, the circular angle of the domed lid allows for perfect convection. And secondly, rust-resistant dampers allow you to easily control the airflow into and out of the grill.

Opening the dampers will allow the heat to build, while closing the dampers will cause the fire to die out. Keeping the damper in the middle helps maintain a moderate constant cooking temperature necessary for a turkey, for example, when charcoal is added each hour.

  • Where do you pile your charcoal? On the heavy-duty charcoal grate, of course. To make it easy, set the Rapidfire® Chimney Starter directly on the grate filled with charcoal.

Place either crumpled up newspaper or lighter cubes in the bottom under the chimney starter and light. In 20 minutes you’ll have ashed-over charcoal ready to go.

Place the charcoal directly onto the charcoal grate for direct cooking or in the Char-Basket™ Charcoal Fuel Holders for indirect cooking, and preheat your grill for 10 to 15 minutes before adding your food.

  • When is a cooking grate more than a cooking grate? When it has hinged sides to let you add or adjust charcoal without lifting the grate or moving your food. The cooking grate is made of plated steel. Easy to clean, lots of cooking area, and provides years of use.

  • Why does cleanup seem so easy? Because of the One-Touch™ cleaning system. Simply sweep the ashes into the aluminum catch pan or the enclosed ash catcher (on Gold and Platinum models only.) 

There are more features, of course, but the core of the Weber OGS is durability, longevity, and ease of use so that year after year you can depend on your Weber charcoal kettle.

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Gregory G

The, so called, indestructible porcelain enamel coating is coming off in sheets in my grill. It is not soot, but is black and shiny. There is smooth steel underneath it. From my visual inspection, it looks like an overly thin coat of porcelain was coated on poorly prepped steel . I don't mind paying a little more for a grill that is produced without such shortcuts. I now have an unusable grill that is only two months old. After my $150.00 loss, I cannot afford to trust the Weber brand again. If you are going to make junk then please cease operations.

Thank you for ripping me off,
Gregory Griffin


Kevin Kolman

Information and help is exactly what you need. That so called sheeting is carbonized grease from you cooking on the charcoal grill. Yes one side is shinny and one side is dull. A simple stainless steel brush and some warm soapy water and that reside will be gone. I can understand where you are coming from but this is an easy situation to fix and has nothing to do with the construction or durability of the product. Hopefully this helps and you reconsider the statements you made above.


James G

I used my brand new Weber charcoal grill yesterday for hamburgers. It was great. I am now looking forward to purchasing the Weber charcoal grill rotisserie. Now I have to figure out when to add additional charcoal and whether the additional charcoal should be already lit or not when added.


Kevin Kolman

James, congrats on your new Weber!! I have a charcoal rotisserie and love it by the way. There is enough room on the sides of the grate by the handles to add charcoal. One charcoal accessory I would recommend is the charcoal basket set. This makes adding charcoal and grilling both directly and indirectly so much easier. Finally, when using a rotisserie there is no difference in cook times for food. Meaning if a recipe calls for 11-13 minutes a pound it would be the same using a rotisserie. Hope this helps, congrats again on your new Weber and always Happy Grilling!!


Dale P

I drank the Koolaid! I had grilled for years on a gas grills and then dad gave me a Weber Kettle Grill that was given to him. I don't know why someone would part with it because it is the single greatest invention since the wheel and indoor plumbing. I have fallen in love with Weber and enjoy grilling several times a week. The only drawback to the kettle grill I have is that I'm waiting for it to go bad so I can get the Gold or Platinum series, or possibly a Performer, but I don't think it'll ever go bad. :)



Diana R

I cooked on a weber kettle grill for my very first time on Memorial Day. I think I may need to sell my propane grill because the charcoal grill did amazing!!


Kevin Kolman

Hi Diana,

There is nothing like the ritual and flavor of a legendary Weber kettle grill! Let’s keep that gas grill just in case though. It’s always good to have a secondary/back up grill. Welcome to the amazing world of charcoal grilling! Keep me posted on your progress.

Happy grilling!


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