Grill Brush Care


Today, let’s talk about grill-brush care.  

One of the most practical tools used before or after every cookout is a grill brush.  Most people leave their grill brush hanging on their grill where it is always accessible.  That means their trusty grill brush takes a real beating from frequent use and the weather.  In normal use, we apply pressure to vigorously brush off burned-on food residue and that action wears down the bristles.  When you add the environmental wear from rain, snow, desert heat and sub-tropical humidity wooden and plastic brush heads can split, crack and warp.  

You should replace your grill brushes at least every season or more often for frequent grillers. Before each use, check your brush for damage such as loose bristles.  If loose bristles are found, immediately discard and replace the brush. 

There are many brushes to choose from, as well alternatives to brushes.  Here are some shopping tips.

  1. Choose a brush with a handle long enough to keep your hands, arms and clothing away from the open flame and heat of the grill.
  2. Select a good quality brush with stainless steel bristles that feel strongly anchored in the grill head or handle.

Always follow the manufacturers’ use and safety instructions and wear barbecue mitts to protect your hands and forearms when you are brushing a hot cooking grate.