Taking Dinner For A Spin

Store bought rotisserie chickens are good.  Home grilled rotisserie chickens are better.  Even on a weeknight.

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Soheil A

I am planning to use the rotisserie to cook a turkey for thanks giving . I have a Genesis 330.
Are the following steps correct?
1. Remove the grate grill.
2. Preheat the grill to 500 degrees for 10 minutes
3. Lower the heat to medium. Do not use the middle burner.
4. Place a foil to cover the flavored bar. I am planning to have vegetables inside the tray and ensure that there is always water in the tray.
5. Cooking time 13 minutes per Lb or 175 degrees.

Thank you


Mike Lang

Hi Soheil -

In step 4, if the foil you are referring to is a "foil pan," it looks as if though you have the perfect plan! I'm certain it will be a meal you will not forget!

Grill on!


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