Spring Cleaning Workout

Whether grilling is a year long pursuit, or a Memorial Day to Labor Day treat, the spring is a great time to clean, tune up and inspect your outdoor cooking apparatus. 

After a long winter, both dormant and active grills require a little love to keep them fired up through another season.  Don't wait until the last minute.  Grab a warm afternoon, a cold beer and get ready for a little tender loving grill care.

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My question is similar to Chris L's -- my flavorizer bars are cruddy an rusty, but they look kind of similar to the bars in the video above. I was worried that I might need to replace them. So I ask -- is that level of crud and rust normal? I know that no amount of cleaning and scraping will bring back the original luster but I just want to know if that level of "seasoning" is safe and optimal for cooking. Thanks, FP


Mike Lang

Hey FP -

Yes, that is quite normal and OK. The picture is from my Summit Grill Center, which is just over a year old. If I were to show a picture from my old Summit 650, which was 6 years old, the bars would look the same and were never replaced, only cleaned. In fact, the 650 is still in use by my neighbor!

I hope this help!


Chris L

Do you have any tips on how to clean off the flavorizer bars? They've gotten a bit cruddy and rusty. Do you bother to get them squeaky clean or just do a quick brushing to get the chunky stuff off? Also, do you recommend trying to get the grill grates squeaky clean & shiny, or does that take off any of the seasoning it has developed?


Mike Lang


I find with a good pre-heat before grilling, my Flavorizer bars stay fairly clean. However, a couple times a year I do remove them and clean them off with a wire brush. While they will never be squeaky clean, they should be free of any large build up. Same goes for the grates. While new grates look wonderful and shiny, properly used grates become "seasoned" and develop a patina. That is exactly what you want. Pre-heating your grill and cleaning the grates before/after use with a Weber
Grill Brush (http://store.weber.com/accessories/category/clean/) are the keys to success. Good luck!


Steve P

Hey Guys

I have a question. I know there is information about smoke stains but most of the stuff I found was for the inside of the grill. I am getting smoke stains on the outside of my cook box. Anyway to get ride of this? I tried stubborn stain remover but it didn't work. Any suggestions?



Mike Lang

Hey Steve -

I know what you mean. Fortunately, the Weber Grill Cleaner shown in the video does just the thing. Depending on how caked on the stains are, you might need to apply some elbow grease, but the end result of a clean grill exterior is well worth the effort!

Best of luck!


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