Sausage, Brats and Hot Dogs

We've all grilled sausages, hot dogs, or brats on the grill, and for some of us, we've ended up with the casing splitting wide open.

It's a grilling crime when that happens, because all of the juice and flavor explode out leaving us with dried out food. Check out this video on grilling sausage to be sure that will never happen to you again.

Trust me, your family and friends will be asking you for seconds!

What are your thoughts? (3)


Samantha K

Are the instructions the same for the cooked sausages?


Kevin Kolman

For cooked sausages I like a medium direct heat around 350 degrees for 5-7 minutes or until they reach a 165 internal temperature. Hope this helps and if you need anything else please let us know here or on Facebook and Twitter at Kevin Kolman’s backyard and always Happy Grilling!!


Jackie F

Just tried this formula with Brats. They came out perfect! Thanks for the great tip.


Jennie Lussow

Hi Jackie! I'm so glad it worked out for you. Thanks for letting us know!


Neil S

This worked well. Thanks. I was concerned I should punch holes in them so they wouldn't explode but they (brats) developed a few holes of their own and kept most of their juices.


Kevin Kolman

Glad you had some success grill the brats. Sausages are one of my families favorite things to eat and being able to cook them right truly takes it to another level. Keep me posted if you find a better way to grill them. Glad we could help if you need any more grilling advice we are here or find me on Facebook and Twitter at Kevin’s Backyard and always Happy Grilling!!


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