If Bacon Isn’t Enough For You, Add In Jalapeño and Shrimp

If Bacon Isn’t Enough For You, Add In Jalapeño and Shrimp

If "bacon" isn’t enough for you, add in "jalapeño" and "shrimp."  This isn't an appetizer, it's a meal. And yes, the name sounds as good as it tastes: fantabulous.

The idea for this comes from Weber's New Real Grilling, a cookbook I really can't get enough of.  I wish I had enough free time and talent to think of 1/64 of the recipes Jamie Purviance puts together.

These "poppers" are beyond simple and way beyond great.  Since shrimp cook fast, it is recommended to cook the bacon first.  While a microwave can be used, I prefer a skillet on low. I like my bacon to cook slowly and the fat to render. 

However you prefer, slowly cook six bacon strips till they are limp, but not crisp. 

Now, take 12 or so jumbo uncooked shrimp.  I shot low with large shrimp.  Do yourself a favor and get something bigger.  They will be easier to stuff.

  • Take the shrimp and remove all of the shell, except for the tail. 
  • Butterfly the shrimp by slicing across the curved portion of the shrimp.  Do not cut all of the way through. 
  • Stuff the shrimp with equal pieces of pepper jack cheese and pickled jalapeño slices. 
  • Cut the six slices of bacon in half and then wrap the shrimp in one of each of the slices.
  • Place on a skewer so that the bacon and shrimp are held in place.
  • Grill the shrimp over direct medium heat and grill until the shrimp are cooked, about 6-8 minutes.

Now here is the most important part.  Try not to eat them all at once!

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Bruce Eric A

Making my mouth water reading this one. Reminds me of a great meal over a Weber Q after a long, hot day of dove hunting in Central Texas. We'd field clean the dove, wrap each breast with bacon and a slice of jalapeno. Grill 'em until their crisp and drizzle a little teriyaki marinade over them. My shooting was never quite accurate to cover my appetite! Thanks for the post.


Mike Lang

Ha! Thanks, I'm so glad you liked it. Your Weber Q meal sounds awesome, even if it only worked as your appetizer! I know that feeling very well!


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