How To Use Your New Kettle

Charcoal can be intimidating but with the easy steps outlined in this video you are sure to be a grill master in no time! We will give you the secrets to grilling an awesome inaugural meal on your kettle. 



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Kathy and Ken R

Using my Jumbo Joe for the first time, I fired up the chimney starter using 40 briquettes. Cooked large sausage links and chicken thighs bone-in. No sear, Joe just slow-cooked for about an hour. Added another fired-up 60 briquettes via the chimney starter, and finally got the food done in about another 25 minutes after adding the 60 briquettes. I never did get a sear on any of the food. I feel like I did something wrong, but I don't know what. I tried to follow the instructions exactly, but 40 briquettes in an 18-inch Jumbo Joe just didn't do the trick. 60 did the trick, but not quite the way I expected. was hoping for a good sear.


Kevin Kolman

Kathy and Ken Rader,
Anytime you grill anything you need to preheat the grill for 10-15 minutes. This brings the grill and the grate up to temperature, which will help with the sear. Also, what kind of charcoal did you use? This matters because some types of charcoal can fall apart easily and will not last as long which causes the heat to drop quickly. I would stick with the 40 briquettes, make sure you use the chimney and wait until the coals are ashed over. Preheat for 10-15 minutes after the charcoal is dumped and you should have no issue with searing or marks. Hope this helps and if you need any last minute grilling advice you can find me here or on Facebook and Twitter at Kevin Kolman’s backyard and always Happy Grilling!!


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