Homemade Pizza on the Grill

Put down that phone. Before you call for delivery, check out these 10 easy tips to cooking a homemade pizza on your grill. You’ll need dough, fuel for direct cooking, clean grates, ingredients for building your awesome pizza, and a timer. Ready, set, GRILL!

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joshua b

Hey Kevin if you haven't tried it please do. Takes the pizza to whole new level. I cooked same as in video but I added 1 chunk of apple wood soacked in water, amazing flavor also now making grilled deep dish pizzas. Pulled pork good topping.



Kevin Kolman

Thanks for the tips my BBQ friend. Looks like I have some grilled pizzas in my future. Have a great holiday season and New Year and most important Grill On!!


joshua b

Thanks Kevin for getting back to me. Few days later I posted the comment I was actually asked to cook some pizzas for our local fire house so I fired up 3 of my Weber kettle grills and made strombolis, calzones, and course pizzas went over awesome. And grilled some up for the next door neighbors.


Kevin Kolman

Wow sounds like you have mastered the art of baking and grilling pizza on a kettle!! Keep up all the grate work and Grill On!!


joshua b

Hey Kevin got question I cooked the pizza just like you did on my performer temp was at about 375 came out great. But I just read a recipe where you cook it over direct heat at 550 degree s for 3 min with lid off and then 2 min on after you add toppings. Do you think that would get scorched. I know pizza oven can get pretty hot. Also live the coat I need one


Kevin Kolman

I would stay away from the method you are reading about. I would bet the pizza gets scorched on the bottom. If you find success which we both have I like to stick to that!! Although I like being adventurous I do not like it being the cause of bad grilled food. You need the convection heat to melt the cheese and cook the pizza. Hope this helps, good idea checking, keep those perfect pizzas coming and always, Grill On!!


Christopher S

My vote is for the blue one... but orange is a close 2nd place and green isn't too far behind in 3rd!


Dave S

Whoa this looks fantastic. On the list to make this fall.


Everett D

When we moved from New York --- a place known for great pizza --- to Delaware --- a place where good pizza is hard to find, I had to get good at making pizza on the grill. Now we have it every week or so, all year long.

Great article.

Everett De Morier


Randy R

I have both gas and charcoal, even thinking about a smoker. Gives me many choices.


Michael n

Don't own a WSM, but I know they're a true favorite of barbecue enthusiasts everywhere.


Chris C

Can't wait to try this. I love my pan fried steaks but don't like smoking up the entire house when dropping it in the pan.


Kevin e



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