Grilled Potato Tips

Grilled Potato Tips

I love how potatoes taste when they come off the grill. They are a simple, yet rewarding addition to any meal, so when I add them to my dinner menu, there are two things I do to make them a success.

Use a Grill Basket

The only downside to grilling potatoes, especially smaller varieties, is the process of individually shuffling them around the surface of the grates. For this reason, I almost always use a grill basket. While you may lose out on grill marks, you make up for it with convenience and efficiency. Unless you really like your spuds, potatoes are a side dish, so the more I can streamline their grilling, the more attention I can shower on the main event.

The Parboil

Great potatoes need not only flavor but texture. While I tend to keep my seasonings to a minimum, the true secret to great grilled potatoes is a parboil. To speed the cooking of a dense potato, I place them in a pot of boiling water for 8-10 minutes and then immediately, to stop the cooking, cool them in a colander under cold running water. After grilling, this process allows the potatoes to form a satisfyingly crunchy crust with a soft hot middle.

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Gary H

Mike, Have you tried adding a half-teaspoon of baking soda to the boiling water? It sets up a chain reaction that crisps the outsides without bruising the insides.


Mike Lang

Hi Gary!

I have not. That sounds interesting, I'll have to give it a shot. Science!



Steve H

MARK and MIKE: Love those small spuds done in a basket. I also add quartered onions, large chunks of bell peppers (any or all colors). I coat all veggies with a little extra virgin then sprinkle with my favorite Italian seasoning> toss about> grill >> EAT!! with your favorite entree of course. I use my wire basket (quarter inch mesh) that I obtained somewhere (???). the basket has a fairly long handle so I put in the veggies and hold close to the coals (with good gloves of course). shake them about every once in a while until the pepper and onion chunks are starting to show doneness. By that time the spud chunks are also about done. Take to the kitchen, place in a shallow serving bowl, cover with Al foil or plastic and let sit for a while > > they will finish cooking themselves. SERVE!! ENJOY!!
By the way I had a red Weber in the mid-late 70's in Md. Moved to CA. left it with folks who took over the house. Moved to AZ (Currently here). By that time, the Red Weber was no longer in production. A work mate found me two red ones at garage sales, both with wooden handles: one is marked EE (circa 1999??) and the other is marked M (circa 1990 ??) He also found me a sorta beige colored 22½inch with wooden handle on top and metal handles on the bowl sides; no letter markings (circa 1972???)>>need to have this verified someday).

Stay happy
Stay healthy
Stay BBQing.
Steve. (


Pete C

I've never parboiled my Weber'd potatoes. I usually always only Weber them while also BBQing a roast on the rotisserie using indirect heat, so there's well over an hour of cooking time. The potatoes get the benefit of the fat drips from the roast, which nicely blend with the garlic, salt and pepper, thyme and olive oil I toss with the potato chunks before putting them in the basket.


Barret W

While I agree with the usage of a grill basket for small, baby, and fingerling potatoes, I have also found that there is no need for parboiling larger potatoes. I simply cut them in half, coat them with a bit of oil, and then grill first over direct heat (both sides) until they are golden brown, then move them off to indirect heat until they are done. I will then usually season them with salt and pepper and other seasonings after they are cooked. They turn out delicious every time, and the beautiful thing is that you can cook the taters way ahead of time and hold them in a warm oven until your main dish is ready. Cheers!


Gayland S

Hey !

I cut potatoes in half slide them onto a Bamboo Skewers spray w/olive salt & pepper and then to the grill to cook when it's time you may rotate each skewer 1/4 of a turn at a time



Mark N

I've been grilling for quite while. I have one of the last of the wooden handled Master One Touch in Red but I digress.
I use the grill basket but i wish it came in a half moon shape and not the rectangle. Wasted space!


Mike Lang

Hi Mark -

Very cool to hear about your grill!! I hear you about the basket. What I often do is move my coals into a half moon to accommodate the basket! Keep on grilling!



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