Cedar Planked Wings

Cedar Planked Wings

I love chicken wings, especially on the grill.  However, when I am the mood for something a little different, I forgo putting my wings on the grate and instead, put them on a plank.  While I lose a crunchy crust, I gain a sweet and spicy wing with an intense layer of smokiness.  There is a reason these are one of my favorites.

Planked Chicken Wings
By Mike Lang

2 lbs chicken wings or drumettes
2 oz tequila
¾ cup olive oil
4 t ancho chili powder
1/2 cup hot sauce
1/3 cup butter

1 cedar plank


1.  Soak a cedar plank in water for at least an hour.

2.  Get your party on.  In a small bowl, mix together the tequila, olive oil, and 2 t ancho chili powder.  Place the chicken wings in a bowl, or plastic bag, and add in the tequila mixture.  Cover and marinate for about at least an hour in the refrigerator.

3.  Prepare the grill for direct and indirect medium heat at 350-450. Place the chicken wings on the soaked plank.  After the grill is pre-heated, place the plank with wings directly over the coals.

4. On the indirect side of the grill, melt the butter in a grill safe pan.  Add in the hot sauce and 2 t ancho chili powder.  Stir.

5. After 20 minutes, the wings are about done.  Baste the wings with sauce.  After 5 more minutes, flip the wings and baste the other side.

6.  At about the 30 minute mark, the wings should be done.

The spicy tequila marinade and the smoking plank impart an amazingly complex flavor on the chicken. It’s part sweet, part heat, and part butter.   Every time I make them, I wish I grilled twice as much.

What are your thoughts? (3)


Derek D

I tried these for dinner Mr. Lang I and I use Mr. Out of mad respect they were absolutely over the top delicious. I would not change anything. Thanks again and I will put this in my folder to make again!!!


Mike Lang

Hi Derek -

When I hear "Mr," it puts me on edge, but in this case, I couldn't be more pleased!! Thanks so much Derek, I'm glad you loved it!

Mr. Mike Lang


David B

Not from the US so is the small letter "t" short for teaspoon (tsp in UK) tablespoon (tbl in UK) could make a BIG difference I feel :>}


Mike Lang

Hi David - Haha...yes, there is a big difference! You are spot on with your guess, small t is teaspon and big T is tablespoon! Sorry for the confusion!



John R

I've never planked before, but I did get some for free from a friend. I've seen versions where the plank gets heated up on one side then flipped to receive the food. I see here you put the food directly on the soaked plank without doing what I said previously. Do you normally stick to the method explained above, or do you switch it around?


Mike Lang

Great question. You are right, I plank it both ways. Since the wings take longer to grill, I opt to not sear the plank first. However, for food with a shorter cook time, grilling the top side of the plank helps add more flavor, faster.



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