Basics on Baby Back Ribs

Barbecue is synonymous with ribs for a reason.  When I open the lid of my grill and see slabs of moist, juicy ribs slathered in barbecue sauce, it brings a tear to my eye.

Smoking your ribs allows for them to cook slowly, resulting in added moisture, while the smoke gives them a delicious flavor that can’t be matched. If you’ve never smoked ribs before, here’s your time to learn. If you have smoked them, this is a refresher course for you.

Either way, after watching this video, you’ll want to head out in the backyard and get smoking!

What are your thoughts? (3)


Tom W

I have given up on doing baby back ribs. They have gotten too expensive at $4.00 a pound, and when you finish smoking them a 2- 2 ½ pound rack weighs 1 ¾ lb. With the bones, I can eat a whole rack myself. Not really economical. They are also less tender than properly smoked spare ribs.

I can get spare ribs for less than $3 a lb., and once trimmed, one rack will feed three people. The trimmings are great as a snack half way through. They take a little longer to smoke, but with proper planning, dinner at 6 is doable.


Kevin Kolman

Hi Tom,

You bring up some very valid points about one of my favorite barbecue foods. I have to agree with you on the spare ribs and the tips. The snack before the meal is always a hit in my backyard. I also like how they take longer to smoke. Anytime I can get out in the backyard and enjoy the sights and smells of barbecue, life seems so much better. Thank you for sharing!

Happy Grilling!


Brandon W


How long does it take to get the ribs from 165 to 190 after wrapping them in foil?



Kevin Kolman

Hi Brandon,
This usually takes about 1.5-2 hours. I like to check the ribs at the 1 hour mark just to make sure they are on the right track. Enjoy grilling your ribs on your Weber.

Happy Grilling!


Nick S

What type of Weber smoker are you using? It looks great and I've gone to the Weber site but do not see it there.


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