The Weber Experience

  • Mitch from Illinois A first-time owner gets the Spirit.

    "I actually grilled the very first night I had it. I couldn't wait to try it out."

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  • Bes from Illinois The guy with the grill gets the girl.

    "The Weber is the reason I’m happily married."

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  • Kevin from Illinois Get to know the Weber Grilling Guru.

    "I learned how to cook last. The appreciation for the product was first."

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  • Chris from Colorado A Weber owner for 40+ years keeps the fires burning.

    "When you’ve got a good product, you stay with it."

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  • Eric from California A chef who's serious about the sport of smoking.

    "You don’t have to think about it. It just does what you want it to do."

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  • Don from California Gathering family around his Genesis® gas grill.

    "We use our Weber grill as an extension of our kitchen."

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  • Chris from California A professional musician/technician who knows it's all about the instrument.

    "It’s a well-built piece of machinery. It’s not going to fail you."

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  • John from New Jersey Baseball. BBQ. And his nine-year-old Genesis® grill.

    "Weber lets me become creative, Weber doesn’t disappoint."

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  • Troy and Penny from Georgia A family of four puts their grill through its paces.

    "We grill a lot, so it had to be top quality."

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  • Mike from Ohio One guy. Four grills. A whole lot of grill love.

    "Weber makes my life a lot easier when it comes to grilling."

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  • William from New Jersey Fifteen years and still burning strong.

    "You raise the bar with the Weber."

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  • Jim from New Jersey An accountant who did the math realized Weber was the best value.

    "You can focus on the food, rather than if my grill is going to work this time."

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  • Deric from Ohio An engineer who unwinds around the grill.

    "I’m going to keep investing in something that’s quality."

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  • Brad from Ohio An artist that loves the art of charcoal.

    "Grilling to me is an adventure."

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  • Peter from Georgia Second-time owner gets his dream grill.

    "The quality is there, and they stand behind it."

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