About Weber

Loved by Many
We didn’t set out to make the world fall in love with us.
We simply wanted to
cook a better steak.
And so we did.
That was more than
50 years ago.

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Today, that same bootstrap spirit of
innovation goes into everything we do.
When we wanted
more flavor in our food,
we invented Flavorizer® Bars.
When we became frustrated
with grilling in the dark,
we added a HANDLE LIGHT.
When we needed somewhere
to store our charcoal,
we added a built-in bucket.
By grillers for grillers
Like you, we love to grill. We live it and breathe it, and, of course, eat it.
We Know What Grillers Need.
Because We Are Grillers.
Grillers need
grills that last.
Grills that perform. Grills that make us look like superstars in the eyes of those who are most important to us. That’s what it all comes down to.
We love our grills because we love our families.
Our friends. And our yet-to-be’s.
The gravitational pull of the grill is undeniable. It pulls those who are close to us, even closer.

See how our grills are made
So it has to be uncomplicated.
It has to be fun. It has to be effortless. And it has to be delicious.
Because we know you aren’t just making burgers,
you’re making memories.