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Introducing the all new Spirit II Series

For a look as bold as the flavor

Spirit II Series of Grills

10 year, 100% Weber Guarantee

Weber has your back. We are thinking of you, not just your backyard, while developing our products. From lid to wheels, it’s the warranty that won’t let you down.

GS4 Grilling System The engine that runs the grill

With the (1) Infinity™ Ignition, (2) burners, (3) Flavorizer® Bars and (4) Grease Management System – the GS4 Grilling System is the strongest grilling engine within the Spirit II grills – powerful and reliable.

Here's to the spirit of grilling

Whether you’re a barbecue enthusiast or just digging in, a Spirit II in your backyard means that you’re part of the Weber family. The Spirit II series of gas grills is available in two models and four bold colors to bring that added spark to your backyard.

Capacity of the 2 Burner Spirit II

Compact to fit on a small patio, yet big enough to grill a full meal. The sleek open cart and folding side table provides additional room for your grilling tools, creating a relaxing and hassle-free grilling experience.

Capacity of the 3 Burner Spirit II

The perfect size to grill up a couple of burgers for everyone in the family, or switch it up with chicken and steaks. With side tables for placing serving trays and spices, the Spirit II adds convenience and simplicity to everyday life, and nobody left hungry.

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