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Made in Chicago’s Backyard

Original Kettle Sf Rev

Loved around the world

The original Weber Kettle was invented in the suburbs of Chicago by a young man named George Stephen. To say that the rest is history is an understatement, because as we all know, the Kettle wasn’t George’s last invention, and his small backyard workshop quickly grew into a global company with 33 offices around the world, with grills sold in 75 countries. 

Giving back to Chicago since 1952

Although George traveled the world with Weber Grill, and the Kettle became a universal backyard icon, his heart remained in Chicago. It’s the city he grew up in, loved, and gave back to both economically and charitably; through the ongoing creation of corporate and manufacturing jobs, as well as through contributions to Chicago’s less privileged communities - a legacy that runs strong to this day. It’s where he built his dynasty, raised his family, and religiously tailgated with his best friends & family at Bears games, grilling for everyone in the lot.

What started off as a local Chicago manufacturer…continues to be

65+ years later, despite global manufacturing shifts, Weber stays true to its roots by continuing to support Midwest manufacturing and distribution in the Chicago suburbs of Huntley, Illinois, only miles away from Weber corporate headquarters. By designing, engineering, and assembling grills locally, we’re not only supporting our community, but also have the opportunity to see our grills through from idea to production; in the continued pursuit to create the best, most reliable grills on the market. Furthermore, every component of all of our grills, whether U.S. or globally sourced, is handpicked to ensure the best quality, and price, for the people who matter most – our grilling community.