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The new Weber Grills App
your most valuable grilling tool

New Year, New App, NewGrilling Goals

The new Weber Grills App is your answer to everything grilling. Download now to access hundreds of mouthwatering recipes, how-to videos, and exclusive offers. The always current and ever-evolving recipe feed keeps everything fresh, and will turn any griller into a BBQ genius. Did we mention that it's FREE?

 *Currently only available for iOS

your answer to everything grilling

Did you know that by registering your grill, you’re also activating its warranty? Sign up, register, and take full advantage of everything Weber has to offer. Registration is fast and simple, but the benefits are extraordinary.

Step-by-Step Video RecipesMaster the Art of Grilling

Love burgers? We've got your covered. How about steak and ribs? Yes and yes? We've gathered collections of recipes for any taste and experience level, including healthy bites, wood plank smoking, seafood, rotisserie recipes, and more. The best part is that we're constantly updating and adding more so that your menu is always fresh and interesting - grilling goals. 

and that's just the beginning

everything you could possibly need

Grill Methods Cta V2

Grill Methods

The best way to setup your grill for each cook.

Grill Guides Cta V1

Grill Guides

We'll suggest the perfect time and temp based on your protein, cut, and preferred doneness.

Timers Cta V1


Multitasking? Create as many timers as you need to get it all done!