Weber 2023 New Products
A Grill for Every Taste

2023 New Products

Discover our new 2023 products! Whether you’re a city dweller craving backyard BBQ, looking for an easy way to create fall-off-the-bone ribs, or maybe you just want to experiment with a new, fun way to grill. We’ve got amazing, innovative options for you!

Lumin Electric Grill

You’ll Never<br>Taste the Difference

You’ll Never
Taste the Difference

Authentically grilled food shows no boundaries with the Lumin* electric grill. Bringing the delicious taste of BBQ, without the city limitations.

Weber Griddle

Engineered to<br>Provide Fast,<br>Even Heat

Engineered to
Provide Fast,
Even Heat

A specially engineered 3-burner system, this high-performance griddle is designed to provide fast, even heat from edge-to-edge. Quickly reaching searing temperatures over 500˚F, it’s just what you need to cook a batch of burgers on a busy weeknight or breakfast on the weekend.

We’ve Got Your Griddle

SmokeFire Sear+ Wood Pellet Grill

The Only<br>Wood Fired Sear

The Only
Wood Fired Sear

With the direct heat design and wide 200-600°F range, achieve flavorful, high-quality smoking or restaurant-quality searing with the included Weber Crafted Dual-Sided Sear Grate.

 *LUMIN is a trademark of Weber-Stephen Products LLC and is the subject of pending registrations or applications in the United States and other countries.