Rotisserie Prime Rib

A rotisserie is not just for whole chickens. There are many things you can grill to perfection with its help. From turkeys to roasts and everything in between, try it out to see what a difference it can make. Check out this video to learn how to utilize the rotisserie for a prime rib. Once you taste the end result, you’ll be planning what to cook on it next! 

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Sean M

Hi Kevin,

I am interested in cooking a prime rib for some family. I I have a Genesis 300 series grill without an IR setup. What steps would be different than the video?


Kevin Kolman

I think your family is going to be really happy when they find out what you are going to be doing. The steps are preheat your grill then turn it down to indirect heat. If I was doing the prime rib I would use a roast holder to keep the food off the grates. This is not a must have but a really nice to have. You can put the roast holder inside a large drip pan which does a good job of catching the juices and keeping your grill clean. You can then use the drippings for a nice light gravy or au jus. If not put the prime rib directly on the grates, get that lid closed and let the grilling begin. Roast the prime rib at 275-300 and you should be good. Please keep me posted and if you need any advice before, during or after let me know on Facebook and Twitter at Kevin’s backyard. Hope this helps and Happy Grilling.


Soheil A

I am planning on using the rotisserie to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. I have a Genesis 330.
Are the following steps correct?

1. Remove the cooking grates.
2. Preheat the grill to 500 degrees for 10 minutes
3. Lower the heat to medium for the outside burners and turn off the middle burner.
4. Place a foil pan over the Flavorizer bars.
5. Cooking time is 13 minutes per pound.


Kevin Kolman

Hi Soheil,

Your steps are correct. Here are a couple other tips to help you out.

1. Make sure you truss the turkey before you place it on the rotisserie spit. This will help it rotate smoothly throughout the cooking process.
2. Set the burner in the middle somewhere between medium and low. You want to maintain a temperature around 325-350.
3. Try placing two foil pans on the Flavorizer bars for added stability.
4. Try aiming for more like 11 minutes per pound.

I hope all of this helps. Enjoy your turkey!

Happy Grilling!