Rotisserie Grilling Gas and Charcoal

Does rotisserie cooking look intimidating? We’ve taken the mystique out of rotisserie grilling for charcoal and gas enthusiasts alike.

When using a rotisserie always remember these guidelines below:

  1. First and foremost, all Weber rotisseries (gas or charcoal) have a 20 lb. maximum weight limit
  2. Almost any recipe that calls for indirect heat for a large piece of protein works well on the rotisserie
  3. When doing rotisserie cooking, using a drip pan filled with veggies and broth or water can help to impart a great flavor to your food, while also catching the dripping to be used later as gravy. 
  4. Always refer to your instruction sheet or manual for proper safety and lighting instructions before turning on the rotisserie
  5. The cooking time and temperature will be the same as with other methods
  6. Be sure to always use two grill mitts for safety
  7. When using the Infrared burner in the back of the Summit® S-670™ gas grill, turn it off after 20 minutes of grilling, and finish the food over indirect heat.

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MaryAnn M

I'm totally confused. You told Dabwolos to be sure and use indirect heat on his spirit 210 when using the rotisserie. I just purchased a Spirit S210 NG and also purchased the rotisserie for it. This barbecue only has two burners so how do I adapt for say, a rotisserie chicken? Certainly can't leave one burner off. I'd end up with one side cooked and the other side uncooked! Can't find any instructions for the S210 when using the rotisserie. Obviously both burners need to be left on. Please explain. I understand that if I'm doing food on the grill I can turn off one side and put the food on that side- but I'm stumped when it comes to the rotisserie. Thanks for any help.


Kevin Kolman

When using a Spirit 210 you can leave both burners on low and place the food directly in the middle of the grill. I would line up the chicken on the rotisserie spit and place it on the grill to ensure it is directly in the middle of the grate. Then, preheat the grill and turn it down to low. Put the chicken on the grill you and should be good. Let me know if you need anything else and if you need any last minute grilling advice you can find us here or on Facebook and Twitter at Kevin Kolman’s Backyard and always Happy Grilling!!


Frank D

how do I make a double loop to start the knot?


Heather Herriges

Hi Frank! Check out our tips here: Thanks!


David O

Regarding the infrared burner, you say to just use it during the first 20 minutes of cooking. Do you use it alone during this time, or together with the regular burners?


Kevin Kolman

I would recommend keeping the outside burners on medium to low and the middle burners off. The infrared burner should be on at this time too. Once you hit that 10-15 minute mark check the roast. If you have the beautiful color you are looking for then turn the IR burner off and finish roasting until done. If you have any other questions let us know here or on Facebook and Twitter at Kevin Kolman’s Backyard and always Happy Grilling!!


Karen V

I have a 7.5kg turkey (approx 16.5 lbs) and would like to cook on the rotisserie on my E470. Will I leave the infrared burner on for the whole cooking process or follow your instruction above for the S-670?
Anyone who has done this before - cooking times and temperatures?


Kevin Kolman

I would stay away from keeping the rotisserie burner on the whole entire cook. I have done this and it will destroy the outside of your turkey. The burner is only supposed to be left on for the first 15-20 minutes of the cook. I follow the 11-13 minutes per pound when grilling a turkey. A tip I will give it to make sure you truss the turkey so it rotates evenly in the spit. Hope this helps, keep us posted and if you need any other tips you can find me here or on Facebook at Twitter at Kevin’s Backyard and always Happy Grilling!!


Tank T

Have been using a Weber for 25 years for Christmas Turkey. Now use my Weber Silver rotisserie and drip tray for all my large meat joints including the Turkey. Fantastic. Meat is well coloured, beautifully moist and flavourful and it gets me away from the Kitchen


Kevin Kolman

Tank, sounds like you are a highly skilled Weber Grill Master!!! It sounds like you enjoyed the holiday season with your family and I look forward to more of your BBQ stories in 2015. Merry Christmas and always Happy Grilling!


Ellis C

Hey Kevin,

I have the 3 burner Spirit Gourmet version and just ordered the 7614 rotisserie. Do you think I will be able to leave the side grates and remove the center insert grate, place a aluminum pan in the 12" opening when using the rotisserie? The thought is to maybe put other items on the grill at the beginning or end of a grilling. Most of the time I like throwing sausage on for an appetizer or put some vegetables on at the end.



Kevin Kolman

Ellis, to answer your question yes you can if it's a Weber pan. These are not too tall. This will give you room to grill. Great question hope this helps and Happy Grilling!!


Salvador G

I have a Genesis w/ rotisserie and I always struggle to find the right drip tray. I can’t seem to find one that will balance on the grill flavorizer bars and not induce a clearance issue because of high sides. I've tried roasting pans and aluminum trays without success. Cookies sheets with sides are too shallow. Any tips/recommendations?

I want to rotisserie a 15 lb turkey while using a drip tray!


Kevin Kolman

Hi Salvador,

I always use two Weber drip pans and never seem to have any problems when the grates are out of the grill. One important tip is to truss the turkey together so it rotates evenly on the spit. This is a must do especially when room is an issue. Keep us posted. I hope that helps!

Happy Grilling!


Rhonda M

Crazy question. Can I smoke/use the smoker box while I rotisserie?


Kevin Kolman

Hi Rhonda,

Yes you can use the smoker box with the rotisserie burner. That is an excellent way to add more flavor to your food while it is on the rotisserie.

Happy Grilling!


theodore a


I have the S470 Summit and have a problem with the motor/bracket unit. From time to time the spit displaces from the motor. It appears to be a problem with the bracket that houses the motor, but I'm not sure. As the spit turns, the motor/bracket will move to the left ever so slowly until the end of the spit is no longer sufficiently inside the motor opening to keep it turning. I see no visible damage to the stainless steel bracket but cannot think of another reason for why this is happening. If I keep light pressure on the side of the motor so that it does not move to the left, everything works fine. I normally cook a chicken, but nothing that approaches the weight limit. I center the food and even alternate the position of the two end screws to balance the weight. Nothing seems to work. I’ve had the grill for three years. Any thoughts? Is it worth to replace the motor? It’s about $80. Can the bracket be replaced?



Noah S

In the video, you say "medium indirect heat." Does that mean the center burner on my Genesis S-330 should be off, or just low? Thanks, Noah


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