Properly Cleaning Your Burner Tubes

Has the performance of your grill dropped a bit? Has it been reaching 550°F for preheating, but now it doesn’t go above 400°F? It could be your burner tubes need to be cleaned. This video will show you how to perform this simple maintenance task to keep your grill working at peak performance throughout the year.

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Jay D

Why not have a video on performing the annual maintenance of cleaning the burner tubes? I suspect I have spider webs that are preventing some burners from igniting.

That would be much more useful.


Kevin Kolman

Hi Jay,
I appreciate the feedback and will share it with our team. I would suspect it’s not spider webs in your burners, but they might be clogged with debris. If a burner is only lighting half way, that is a good indicator of clogged burner ports. Try using a Weber stainless steel grill brush to clean them out.

Happy Grilling!


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