Make It A Safe Labor Day BBQ!

Make It A Safe Labor Day BBQ!

It is Labor Day already! Where did the summer go? Hopefully, you have had lots of great weekends around the grill, sharing great food, fun activities and having friends and family together. So it is time to prepare for the big “Summer’s Over Labor Day Barbecue Bash”.

While you are planning the menu, the guest list, the beverages, the music and the fun, don’t forget the main event! Make sure your grill is ready!!

This means, check the important areas that could make or break the party.

For gas grillers:

Check the LP tank and hose on your gas grill for leaks by using a soapy water solution. With the control knobs off, turn on the tank.   If bubbles form, you have a leak.  Do NOT use the grill.

Brush the ports on the burner tubes to clear any oxidation or debris that can reduce or prevent gas flow. You want a nice even flame. Blocked tubes could cause a backflash fire.

Use a plastic scraper to push the gunked-up grease from the cookbox into the grease tray below. Then, push the debris from the grease tray into the catch pan. Empty the catch pan and replace the aluminum liner! You can’t believe how much can accumulate!!

If Charcoal grilling is your style:

Check and empty all ashes and unburnt charcoal from the bowl and ash catcher into a metal garbage can before you grill. Fresh charcoal will burn better and airflow will be increased without all of the old ash from previous cookouts.

These simple tips take only a few minutes, will keep you worry-free and give you lots more time to enjoy your guests! 

Visit these links on to see how easy they are to do!

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Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

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