I Love My Weber Because...True Tales From Our Fans

I Love My Weber Because...True Tales From Our Fans

As told by our Facebook community. I love my Weber because.... 

  • “I love all my Webers because I can grill great meals for family and friends.” - Leif
  • “Have you had my fireside NY strips?  Kettle, Summit, Genesis, even Smokey Joe...cooked to perfection over the years.  Weber ROCKS!” - Max
  • “I can cook breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert!!!  What could be better?!!!” –Camelia from Illinois
  • “It completes me!!!” –Bill from Ohio
  • “Weber Grills make me a ROCKSTAR!!” -Bbqphx Tracy from Arizona
  • “It has been consistently creating greatness for over a decade and I get all the credit. Love my Weber.” -William
  • “Perfect..... every single time...” -James
  • “My Weber Genesis is 23 years young, works great under pressure, and gets along well with the other family members..Weber fireplace, Weber charcoal, and my cat named Webber!” -Monica
  • “I can't have a more reliable partner in grilling.” -Zack
  • “Fire warms the soul.” -Paul
  • “16 yrs of good times and good food.  I love my weber....” – Tom from Florida
  • “It starts on the first click, every time, going on 14 years. Simply the best gas grill made, period!” -Richard
  • “It's a member of the family, and it never lets me down.” –Mike from Pennsylvania
  • “W-ell E-arned B-est E-verlasting R-espect”- George
  • “Nothing cooks and cleans easier....” -Charles
  • “It's there for me always to help me unwind and help me create something great.” -Samuel
  • “Dependable, versatile, long life, cooks consistently.” -John
  • “The bad boy fires up at even 8 degrees no problem.” Abel from Idaho
  • “Every friend & family member I know brags of the meals I've prepared for them on my Weber grills & smokers. When they want a great dining experience they simply ask are you firing up your Weber tonight?” -Rick
  • “No matter what the size or fuel...you just know something magical is cooking up...mmmm...mmmm...OW! lol...” –Savage-Cosmos Garden
  • “Its family!” -Arthur
  • “It's my last name I'm obligated to haha.” – Dean from North Carolina
  • “It reminds me of my dad who taught me how to bbq.” –Ron from New Mexico
  • “It brings family and friends together when I am at it.” – Rick from Rhode Island
  • “I can cook anything & everything on it or in it!” –Marlys Ann
  • “It works every time I fire it up!!!  And assists me in grilling the best food, ever...24/7/365!” – Bert from Pennsylvania
  • “Dinner is only a few minutes away.” - Bobby
  • “Because there are Weber Grills. And then everything else.” John
  • “Fashionable yet functionable.” - Akio
  • “It makes every Sunday, "funday"!” - Sean
  • “...they are my boys; all 6 of them!” – Michael 

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rich m

Would you guys ever consider creating a Weber grilling fanatics list of top barbeque joints. All too often I am travelling and need a fix. There is nothing worse than Jones'ing for good barbeque and getting a plate that is not up to task. I'd love to be able to go to this blog put in an address and get referrals from people who know what they are talking about. -- Rich South Coast Rhody


Heather Herriges

Hi Rich!!
Thanks for the suggestion! I will add your idea to our blog evolution list! Thanks again and happy traveling!