Homemade Pizza on the Grill

Put down that phone. Before you call for delivery, check out these 10 easy tips to cooking a homemade pizza on a grill. You’ll need dough, fuel for direct cooking, clean grates, ingredients for building your awesome pizza, and a timer. Ready, set, GRILL!

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Christopher S

My vote is for the blue one... but orange is a close 2nd place and green isn't too far behind in 3rd!


Dave S

Whoa this looks fantastic. On the list to make this fall.


Everett D

When we moved from New York --- a place known for great pizza --- to Delaware --- a place where good pizza is hard to find, I had to get good at making pizza on the grill. Now we have it every week or so, all year long.

Great article.

Everett De Morier


Randy R

I have both gas and charcoal, even thinking about a smoker. Gives me many choices.


Michael n

Don't own a WSM, but I know they're a true favorite of barbecue enthusiasts everywhere.


Chris C

Can't wait to try this. I love my pan fried steaks but don't like smoking up the entire house when dropping it in the pan.


Kevin e



James L

My father and I have been grilling together for 25 years. I recently came back from a deployment in Afghanistan and wanted to show him how much I missed him. He and my mom have 10 total children and 4 of their 8 sons are in the military ( one in each branch ). I love my dad and feel he deserves a very special Father's Day because he is a very special person


Matt N

I have had a Weber Silver "A" for about 14 years.. It is still going strong but is showing signs of wear... My wife and daughters are buying me a Genesis E-330 tomorrow, just in time for Father's Day. I am looking forward to cooking meals and learning the finer points of grilling. Hopefully these great meats and the Genesis E-330 will make me look good!


Greg G

Recently bought a 22 1/2 inch charcoal grill and it has easily been the best purchase so far this spring. I have really enjoyed learning how to cook various foods and would grill every night if I could! My father has only grilled using gas. Two rib-eyes over charcoal would have him hooked for the rest of his life.


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