Homemade Pizza on the Grill

Put down that phone. Before you call for delivery, check out these 10 easy tips to cooking a homemade pizza on a grill. You’ll need dough, fuel for direct cooking, clean grates, ingredients for building your awesome pizza, and a timer. Ready, set, GRILL!

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Randy R

I have both gas and charcoal, even thinking about a smoker. Gives me many choices.


Michael n

Don't own a WSM, but I know they're a true favorite of barbecue enthusiasts everywhere.


Chris C

Can't wait to try this. I love my pan fried steaks but don't like smoking up the entire house when dropping it in the pan.


Kevin e



James L

My father and I have been grilling together for 25 years. I recently came back from a deployment in Afghanistan and wanted to show him how much I missed him. He and my mom have 10 total children and 4 of their 8 sons are in the military ( one in each branch ). I love my dad and feel he deserves a very special Father's Day because he is a very special person


Matt N

I have had a Weber Silver "A" for about 14 years.. It is still going strong but is showing signs of wear... My wife and daughters are buying me a Genesis E-330 tomorrow, just in time for Father's Day. I am looking forward to cooking meals and learning the finer points of grilling. Hopefully these great meats and the Genesis E-330 will make me look good!


Greg G

Recently bought a 22 1/2 inch charcoal grill and it has easily been the best purchase so far this spring. I have really enjoyed learning how to cook various foods and would grill every night if I could! My father has only grilled using gas. Two rib-eyes over charcoal would have him hooked for the rest of his life.


Komal A

This table is awesome! I want one!


Jason G

My wife should win because at the very least she deserves a great meal on Mother's Day as payment for all that she puts up with from our daughter and me.


Jonas F

About the resting part. Every time we try this it's not warm enough. Any tips for that? This happens with any meats we allow to "rest".


Kevin Kolman

Hi Jonas,

Resting is a crucial part of the grilling process. This should happen for 30 percent of the total time your food is on the grill. This will generally increase the temperature of the food from four to six degrees, but more importantly, allow the meat to relax and make it more tender. Practice makes perfect, so let us know if you have any other questions.

Happy Grilling!