The Weber® Original Cooking System

Our legendary cooking system is the heart and soul of every gas grill we make. It’s the reason our grills perform the way they do, and why they last so long.


Weber® Q® 1200

Well, I've bought 2 of these, so I guess that says a lot on its own. I think the cooking performance is the best on the market for...

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Original Kettle Premium 26”

I own a performer, at times I wished that it had a bigger cooking area. The Ranch Kettle was to big, then 2 and half years ago I c...

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Genesis® E-310

Best grill money can buy and customer service second to none! I have called Weber twice because of two problems! I own four weber ...

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Performer® Premium 22”

I assemble grills for a living for one of the big box stores, so I know the quality of the different grills and the materials used...

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