The Weber® Original Cooking System

Our legendary cooking system is the heart and soul of every gas grill we make. It’s the reason our grills perform the way they do, and why they last so long.


Genesis® II E-310

This grill is awesome. I've owned my last Weber for about 17 years and finally decided to upgrade. Mainly I wanted the stainless...

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Original Kettle Premium 26”

I bought this in February 2014. I do a lot of low and cooking . Easter I can toss 3 Tri-Tips and still have space to put something...

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Genesis® II E-210

You can't beat Weber and the Genesis 2burner grill.. perfect size easily fits in the garage with the garage door open. Heats up to...

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Summit® Grill Center

I selected the Grill Center after purchasing other stand-alone Weber grills and liking the quality and the customer service. I wa...

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