7 Tasty Christmas
Barbecue Recipes
and Grilling Tips


Discover why Christmas dinner on the barbecue is one of cooking’s best kept secrets. Our Christmas grilling recipes ensure your festive season jingles all the way. From classic turkey roast dinner with a smoky twist, to decadent desserts, these recipes are guaranteed to spread Christmas cheer. 

​1. Barbecued Christmas Turkey with Lemon, Parsley and Garlic Butter

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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without roast turkey with all the trimming. But did you know you can roast your bird on the barbecue? The results are sumptuous and sure to impress. Follow our step-by-step roast turkey BBQ recipe to kick off Christmas dinner with a boom.  

Top tips: Cook your main and sides at the same time with a poultry roaster and try using the smart grilling hub to automatically monitor temperature, ensuring your turkey is perfectly cooked every time. 

2. Pork Belly Roast

Feel like mixing up your main dish? Try our delicious pork belly roast barbecue recipe. The key to the perfect pork belly is in the rub and grilling at the right temperature. Check our pork belly BBQ guide to do it like a pro.  

3. Salmon with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze

Fish at Christmas – why not? And if you don’t feel like fish for Christmas Day, this salmon BBQ recipe is the perfect Boxing Day meal, as it is not as heavy as a full roast.  

Vegetarian Option: 4. Chestnut, Pistachio and Beetroot Roast

Your vegetarian dinner guests will be delighted by this full-flavoured chestnut, pistachio and beetroot roast recipe. This hearty nut roast is as satisfying as it is tasty. 

5. Magic Mince Pies on the Barbecue

Oh yes you can! Barbecued mince pies taste absolutely heavenly and will dazzle dinner guests with their unique flavour. Our step-by-step BBQ mince pie guide takes you from pastry novice to BBQ bake-off champion! A guaranteed winner.  

6. Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

Elevate your side veg with this roasted-root extravaganza. This scrumptious side, with sesame honey glaze, perfectly complements your main and is sure to please. Check out our veg BBQ recipe ideas to skyrocket your side-dish game. 

7. Decadent Molten Chocolate Cakes
with Fresh Berries

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and there’s nothing more jubilant than chocolate dessert. This indulgent sweet treat is sure to make your guests smile, as what could be better than these melt-in-the-mouth molten chocolate cakes on the BBQ? Answer: not much! Add fresh berries to perfect this molten masterpiece.  

Christmas Barbecue Safety Checklist

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Ensure your Christmas grilling experience is both enjoyable and safe with our top winter BBQ tips

  • Snow gloves are not barbecue gloves. You need to wear heat-resistant gloves when operating your barbecue. 
  • Never barbecue inside your garage or under an overhang, so be sure your grill is at least three metres away from all combustible materials and in a well-ventilated area. 
  • Be patient because cooking times may need to be extended. If needed, add a little extra fuel to reach the right temperature, so add briquettes when necessary or have an extra gas bottle on hand.  
  • Let a digital meat thermometer do the hard work. iGrill is a digital app-connected thermometer that will notify you once cooked foods, like steak, chicken or roast have reached the perfect temperature to serve. 
  • Remember to cook with the lid closed. Winter barbecuing means longer cooking so close the lid to keep the heat in. 
  • Keep your barbecue covered when not in use to protect it from the elements. 

Top tip: If you haven’t used your barbecue since the warm summer months check out our winter BBQ checklist to ensure your barbecue is in top condition before you start grilling.

Get Creative this Christmas

The first and only rule of barbecuing is: there are no rules. Use these Christmas grilling recipes as a blueprint to build your own BBQ inventions this holiday season.  

Happy grilling and Merry Christmas!