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The Weber Grill Academy is the home of barbecuing. In our 10 locations, we turn barbecuing into unforgettable events. Our specially trained grill masters will gladly welcome you and your guests to a course, a team building event or a customised event. Each year, more than 100,000 enthusiastic guests turn into barbecue heroes at our Grill Academy locations all over Europe; spending memorable hours together around the barbecue with experiences that they will be talking about for a lifetime.


  • Bristol: Hobbs House Bakery
  • Cheshire: The Chester Fields Grill Academy
  • Edinburgh: Edinburgh School of Food and Wine
  • Kent: Kent Cookery School
  • London: Meat N16
  • Manchester: Wilmslow Cookery School 
  • North Yorks: Swinton Park Cookery School
  • Suffolk: The Food Hub
  • Surrey: The Abinger Cookery School


  • Kinsale: Kinsale Gourmet Academy

A course for every taste

BBQ Courses

Barbecue Classics

This course teaches you how to use the Weber way of cooking to open up a world of possibilities on your barbecue. As well as covering off key skills such as lighting and temperature control, you'll be learning how to perfect steaks, roasts, pizzas and even cakes!

Suitable for those who want to learn to cook food other than the standard barbecue fare of burgers and sausages, the Barbecue Classics Course shows how to use Weber’s renowned “lid-on” barbecue technique to grill, roast, smoke and bake! During the 4 hours you and your classmates will prepare a variety of different dishes under the guidance of an expert chef. Using a combination of charcoal and gas barbecues you'll be taught skills from lighting techniques to controlling temperature and knowing when your food is perfectly cooked. You'll receive a demonstration from the chef on how to cook the perfect steak and we'll ask you to get hands-on with some dough and create your own stone baked pizza!


  • Snack: Perfect sausages
  • Starter: Barbecued chicken marinated in lemon, garlic and oyster sauce
  • Main course 1: Seared sesame salmon skewers with pickled cucumber spinach dip
  • Main course 2: Barbecued corn
  • Main course 3: Black bun burger with bacon jam
  • Main course 4: Tarragon beer chicken
  • Dessert: Sweet pizza

Smoke House

For a truly unforgettable corporate gathering, team building event or large group booking look no further than Weber’s Smoke House course. This is the Grill Academy’s latest course developed to cover an array of smoking techniques on a wide variety of barbecues.

This unique hands-on experience is perfect for foodies and barbecue enthusiasts alike. Our course teaches you the Weber Way of barbecuing, as well as covering key skills such as lighting, fire management and temperature control. Learn how to perfect delicious beef ribs, juicy reverse-sear steaks, amazing cured salmon and even some smoky puddings.

The Smoke House course explores how to use Weber's renowned "lid-on" barbecue technique to grill, roast, bake and of course smoke! During the 4 hours, you and your team mates will prepare and eat a variety of mouth-watering dishes under the guidance of an expert Weber Grill Master.
Discover new skills with your group, enjoy exceptional food and lasting memories.


  • Snack: Cedar smoked cheese plank with fresh berries, honey and toasted sourdough
  • Starter: Bacon candy
  • Starter: Gin and beetroot cured smoked salmon
  • Starter: Smoke House seasonal vegetables
  • Main: Chilli rubbed ribeye steak with lime and coriander butter
  • Main: SmokeFire beef ribs with homemade rub and BBQ sauce
  • Main: Ember grilled leeks with pink pepper butter
  • Main: Coal baked potatoes with smoked cheese and mustard sauce
  • Dessert: Coffee smoked orange brownies with Crème Fraîche


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