Step Up Your Flavours With The Rotisserie Grill

Barbecue Skewers


Why is it that food tastes better on a stick? Juicy skewers slowly rotating on a rotisserie, filling the air with irresistible aromas and making the mouth water in anticipation. No other method of barbecuing fascinates and unfolds flavours quite like the rotisserie grill. 

Rotisserie grilling has been around for thousands of years, and skewers are still popular with street food vendors, chefs and grilling enthusiasts around the globe. While it provides a fun centre piece to your grilling experience, it’s not just about the spectacle. Rotisserie cooking also brings out unique flavours and textures. Learn not just how to make chicken skewers, but veggies, lamb, and many more! 

Four Reasons Your Skewer Flavours Will Pack A Punch​

  1. Self-basting Juiciness: The rotation allows fats to flow through and around the meat, to baste it in its own juices. The result? The meat is tender and more succulent. As a bonus, any excess fat collects in a drip pan, making the clean-up easier.
  2. Healthy Slow Roasting: By roasting slowly on a spit, your meat loses less moisture, stays tender and does not become dry. Slow roasting also retains more flavour, reducing the need for calorific seasoning and sauces. 
  3. Even Cooking: The rotation ensures that the meat is cooked evenly from all angles to achieve the perfect consistent finish.
  4. Crisp on the Outside, Juicy on the Inside: For poultry,
    the rotating motion combined with the meat’s position over the fire, evenly crisps and browns the skin without charring or burning. Adding wood chips to the fire is an easy way to create barbecue skewers, smoked to perfection.

Your Guide To Rotisserie Roasting​​

The right equipment goes a long way to ensure you get the most out of your spit-roasting.

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Use Helpful Accessories 

From both a taste and health perspective, cooking poultry properly is important. Our Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub quickly and easily helps you stay on top of your temperatures to grill safely. Roasting skewers with our Kebab Set is especially fun and simple: Have your guests load their skewers with their favourite meat and veggies and throw them on the grill. The rack makes it easy to turn the skewers, providing even cooking for perfect results. For more accessories to supercharge your rotisserie grilling, check out our rotisserie extensions.  

Prepare Your Meat 

Preparing your skewers is as simple as spearing your meat and veggies on the spit.

For poultry and large meats, trussing with kitchen twine is best. You can secure the meat to your spit with spit forks and remember to ensure it’s attached properly and doesn’t wobble.

Kitchen twine is a helpful companion for poultry and large meats

Set Up Your Grill

First, place your drip pan in your grill to collect excess fats. No matter if you’re cooking with charcoal or gas, set your grill up for low-medium, indirect heat and aim for a temperature of 180-200°C. Attach your rotisserie motor, mount the spit and get roasting! 

Although poultry and chicken skewers are the rotisserie classics, spit-roasting a leg of lamb, ribs or vegetarian barbecue skewers also boast unique flavours. Try something new like our kebab delights or garlic roasted potatoes on rosemary skewers.

Roasted to Perfection​​​​

A rotisserie isn’t just a fun barbecuing centre-piece to tie your patio together. It produces crispy skins, juicy meats and flavours in ways a traditional grill can’t.  

Our kebab delights are the perfect way to start your skewer journey. Join in on an age-old tradition and start barbecuing on a stick!