Cooked on the grill, fresh vegetables make for a light main or a bright side dish packed full of nutrients. But not all vegetables are created equal. Choosing your produce according to whether it’s in season is a way to connect with local growers while also boosting the textures, flavours and vitamins on your plate – just make sure you use a Weber Basket to catch all those lovely juices. At Weber, we will be telling you all about the best food to eat every season, next with Autumn:


… Are ideal for fruity skewers. Most people only ever thing of using Weber rods for meat or
savoury vegetables, but one of the simplest and most crowd-pleasing BBQ desserts is the stone-fruit skewer. Stone and quarter a handful of plums, about two-three per person, push them down the Weber skewer, and cook them for five minutes. Serve with honey and ice-cream. 

 Plums come into season in September, and were said to be introduced to Europe by Crusaders returning from Jerusalem, where the fruit grew since ancient times. As well as being packed with fibre, plums are packed with anti-oxidants, making them great protectors against cancer and other chronic illnesses.


… Are a pickers' delight. Whether you've foraged them yourself, or just bought them from the local market, there's nothing like a big bag of wild fungi, waiting to be cooked to perfection – but few think about grilling them. This is where the Weber Vegetable Basket comes into its own. First of all, marinate them in olive oil, vinegar, garlic and thyme. Then, chuck them into the basket, and let the smoke do its work. They'll need between five and ten minutes, and take them off the heat as soon as they're soft.
Mushrooms burst through the forest floor after the first rains of the Autumn, loving the cold snap,
and brief final warmth that can come in October. Mushrooms contain protein and fibre, and
selenium, a mineral that boosts the immune system – ideal for the Autumn sniffles to come.


… Are the ideal Autumn food – earthy, hearty, sweet lumps. Best thing to do is peel them as you
would a potato, marinate them in Balsamic vinegar for at least an house, wrap them in tinfoil withan extra drizzle of Balsamic, and give them half an hour on a medium grill. When they're done, dig in, or let them cool and use them as a salad with a dash of dill and a crumble of feta – but watch out for the purple splashes!

We've been eating these fun tubers since the stone-age, and the more common carrot is even a child of them. Beetroots are packed with a dizzying number of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, which makes serotonin – perfect for staving off the post-Summer sadness.

The best tools to grill seasonal vegetables