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Our brand-new Tex-Mex barbecue experience

Seriously Low and Slow

Get on board for an unforgettable adventure that combines the best of Texan classics and Mexican-inspired delights, all expertly prepared through the art of low and slow barbecue cooking. Welcome to the ultimate Tex-Mex barbecue experience! Read this story

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Becoming a Grill Master

​We’re very proud to announce Australia’s own Laura Romeo has recently received her accreditation as a Weber Grill Master, the pinnacle of accolades that Weber can bestow.Read this story

Seasoning vs Rub- What’s the difference?

Seasonings are best for quick/flat cuts of meat or roasts. Our low and slow rubs are stronger in flavour, and don’t contain delicate herbs. Try them for yourself.Read this story

Weber Connect – What’s New?

If you’re looking to try your hand at something new, things are heating up for all Weber Connect owners. We’ve just dropped a large content and UX update with some neat tweaks we think you’ll all love; not to mention some incredibly tasty recipes you may just want to try your hand at. Read this story

Tidy Up Your barbecue Space

What better way when you have a little extra time on your hands, than to spend it on making your barbecue area look the piece? Well, here’s our sure-fire tips and tricks that can quickly turn your outdoor flavour station into a feature of your backyard!Read this story

Entertaining Recipe collection

Socially distanced dinners and gatherings are a new reality of today’s world. As restrictions are easing, we are excited that you can now open your homes to your loved ones. It's time to celebrate by hosting the family dinners or have the mates over for a backyard barbie. Read this story

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