• People

    Serves : 6

  • Prep Time

    10 min.


the Ingredients

Phil  Vickery  Roast  Beef And  Parnsips 3 346X318
  • 50g of fresh horseradish root (plus 50g grated horseradish to taste)
  • 200ml sour cream
  • 1 tbsp cider vinegar
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Add a burst of extra flavour to your roast beef with Phil Vickery’s recipe for homemade horseradish sauce.

  • Start by peeling the horseradish root. Then finely grate half of the horseradish into a mixing bowl.
  • Add the sour cream. At this point, check the horseradish strength by tasting the mixture. If you prefer it stronger, add in more grated horseradish.
  • Once the strength is to your liking, add the vinegar, salt and pepper, adjusting the seasoning to your preference.
  • Leave the horseradish sauce to stand and infuse for an hour, as this will improve the flavor quality.
  • Serve with roast beef.

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