End 2018 with a twistFeast with fun themes


If the idea of yet another holiday turkey makes you squirm, it’s time to maybe give it—and other traditional dishes like it—a break for the remainder of the year. Adding a twist to your menu or giving your final hurrah a theme will be a refreshing change from the expected is a surprise your guests will welcome.

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Whether you like slow burns that seeth, or a flaming rush that numbs your face, Weber has all the recipes you need to really, um, fire up your party. Invite friends who enjoy the burning sensation to a meal where everything packs heat.  

From the must-have Jalapeno Poppersto the meaty Brats with Spicy Stewed Peppersand party favorite Planked Chicken Wingsthat look harmless but actually contain hot sauce, your party also doubles as game to see who has the best and worst tolerance for spicy food. You can even make chilli labels for your dishes to indicate and separate the mild from the extreme.  

To alleviate the burn, remember that swishing or drinking warm water works better than cold water. Thanks to you and your spice fest, the national consumption of capsaicin (an active ingredient in chilli responsible for that burn in your cheeks) will increase by leaps.

Control the heat

Learn to make your own barbecue rub and fix each dish’s level of spiciness.  

Seafood Surprise

Blue and white paper napkins, the Beach Boys playing in the background, an icy pitcher of pina colada—these are a few of the simple things you can do to complement your tribute to the ocean’s finest.  

Start the party with a dish that everyone can get in on, a generous centerpiece for your table, a hearty serving of Barbecued Seafood Paella. If you’re concerned about burning the paella when using the GBS Wok, we assure you the process is a lot simpler than you imagine. Just follow the steps and, if you’re confused or unsure, just take the wok off the grill momentarily while you figure out next steps.  

For sides, bite size Grilled Lao Ma Gan Oystersand Sweet and Spicy Glazed Shrimpshould keep guests satisfied.  

Around Asia On Just One Grill

The best way to know a place is through its food. Since there’s little chance of you flying everyone on a culture trip, the next best thing is to invite them to your home to enjoy flavors from around the region—and without having to endure exhausting flights!  

From Southwest China, experience the heat of Sichuan Spiced Pork Belly then head down to Hong Kong for some sticky sweet Char Siew. Need a bit of rice to go with your protein? A bowl of Pineapple Fried Rice from Thailand should hit the spot. A taste of Korea can be found with our recipe for Sweet and Spicy Korean Skirt Steak. You can even take guests on a stroll down the crowded streets of Indonesia with Cumi Cumi Bakar (Grilled Squid)without having to leave the comforts of home!