Why I Love My Job


I run the test-kitchen for the R&D department at Weber-Stephen Products LLC I work with our talented team of engineers and product designers to make sure our products live up to the high expectations our customers have come to expect from Weber.

As we develop new products or improve existing products, I put them through their paces and let the team know what I find.

I get to grill on all of our products and use all of our accessories. I may be indoors one day and outside the next. I can be grilling steaks in 90 degree heat or, like today, in 13 inches of snow.

I help our team think about things from the consumer’s perspective and I help problem-solve how we can make our products even better than they already are.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a culinary degree from Kendall College so running the test kitchen is a great way to combine both of those skill sets.

When I tell people where I work and what I do the number one question I get is, “What do you do with all of the food you grill?” We eat it, of course!