Grilling Unfamiliar Food—Weber’s On the Grill App


How many times do you send your friends or family to the grocery store and they come home with a different variation of the item you asked for? Often times I find my mom coming home with an assortment of things that I have never ever seen before.

Therefore, how am I supposed to know how to grill it properly? Well the good news is that I have a little sidekick that goes by the name of Weber’s On The Grill app. No matter what is thrown my way, everything I need to know is right at my fingertips! Here’s how to use it:

Upon opening the app…

  1. Select the Grill Guide category at the bottom.
  2. Then select the type of food that you are grilling. Under this same category, scroll to find the particular food, and size of it.
  3. The app gives you all the information you need: grill time, the heat source, and cooking temperature.
  4. Next start the timer under the Grill Timer category at the bottom. I base this off of when I need to either flip my food, or take it off the grill. 
  5. Let the masterpiece cool, and enjoy!