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What is a Weber Store?

Discover what BBQ can be at the official Flagship Weber Store. Step inside to

  • Enjoy the sensation of smoke with our Charcoal grills.
  • Enjoy the flavor and convenience of Gas grills.
  • Explore new ways of grilling at home with Electric grills. 
  • Enhance your grilling experience with the addition of Weber accessories.

With a complete range of Weber grills and accessories available, you can definitely find one that meets your lifestyle. 

The Weber Store includes a full featured Grill Academy, where you can learn the basics of BBQ at a Flavor Experience course. Discover how you can make even more fantastic food at a Grill Academy course, where you can laugh and learn in a group, or a close friend.

Whether you’re a first-timer, or a seasoned griller, come visit us at the Weber Store to explore the different ranges or just talk BBQ with our Weber professional! Get inspired by our passion and discover what’s possible with a Weber.

Visit a Weber Store

Need information on your closest Weber Store?

Why weber STORE? Discover what grilling can be!

A Weber professional will hand guide you through the store, understand your needs and set you up with the precise Weber grill and accessories to meet your needs.

Smell the charcoal together, test out the gas grills, feel the power of the electric grills. Interested in Smoking? Explore the different types of wood chips and find the one that matches the flavor you seek. Camping or home grilling – it is all here for you at a Weber Store. 

While you are at the Weber Store, sign up for a Flavor Experience course and learn the basics. Take it up a notch with a full-fledged Grill Academy course, where you can explore a vast world of grilling possibilities.

Become a BBQ Hero

If you are looking, You ain’t cooking

Hands on grilling, yourself, guided by a Professional Weber Chef – is the ultimate way to discover the possibilities of a Weber grill.  

Experiencing grilling hands on is how Weber started and grew to a brand loved all around the world. Having fun cooking and grilling, then tasting the juiciness that comes out of the grill – it tastes even greater when you grill it yourself!

Learn all the key points, safety tips, food preparation techniques and grilling methods, to confidently use your Weber at a Flavor Experience course. Set up your grill for direct and indirect and direct cooking. Juicy chicken thighs, and flavorful pork spare ribs – no problem!

To really impress your guests, laugh and learn with complete Grill Academy course. Flavorful pork shoulder, thick juicy steak and mouth-watering desserts – it’s so easy on a Weber!

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