Perfectly Cooked Food

Here you will find the right cooking method & cooking temperature for your food.

It takes more than just premium equipment and high-quality ingredients for the perfect barbecue. It’s also essential to use the right cooking method and getting your food to the optimal temperature. The following table is a rough guide designed to help you. 

Please note that these are only rough guidelines. The exact cooking time will depend on many factors that cannot be taken into account here, such as the size of the food item, outside temperature, etc.

For highest accuracy and to ensure you never over- or under-cook your food again, we recommend the easy to use iGrill. Simply download the app, tell the iGrill what you're cooking and how you'd like it cooked. The iGrill does the rest, tracking the progress of your food in real time and will notify you when it's done - meaning you can spend more time with your guests whilst cooking to perfection.