Seafood Essentials

Seafood Essentials

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  • 4 Hour(s)
  • Level 2

If you love seafood flavours, then this 4-hour barbecue course is a must. You’ll learn a variety of different skills, such as how to grill, bake and smoke on the barbecue as well as essential fish preparation skills and recipe inspiration.

During this course you and your classmates will prepare a variety of different dishes under the guidance of an expert chef. Using a combination of charcoal and gas barbecues, you'll be taught skills from lighting techniques to controlling temperature and knowing when your food is perfectly cooked.

In addition to being shown how to use Weber's "lid-on" cooking techniques, the chef will demonstrate smoking mussels with garlic, cream and white wine, as well as teaching you how to fillet a whole fish to create mouth-watering fish tacos.

The course can be cancelled, if there are less than 10 participants registered until 14 days before the course date.

  • Seafood Essentials
  • Ideal for any love of seafood
  • Giving you the confidence to cook different types of fish on the grill
6 Course Menu
  1. 1st Snack  
    Seafood Essentials
    Snack: Fish tacos
  2. 2nd Starter  
    Seafood Essentials
    Starter: Smoked garlic, cream and white wine mussels
  3. 3rd Snack  
    Seafood Essentials
    Snack: Seared tuna steak
  4. 4th Main course  
    Seafood Essentials
    Main course: Grilled whole fish with garlic and lemon with herb and fennel salad
  5. 5th Main course  
    Seafood Essentials
    Main course: Curried king prawn and potato kebabs
  6. 6th Dessert  
    Seafood Essentials
    Dessert: Rotisserie pineapple upside down cake
Services included
  • Apron
  • Recipes
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quotes I don't really eat meat, but we cooked a delicious risotto, puddings and a really delicious chocolate fondant cake. You’re challenged to cook side dishes, bread, cakes and all of these things, and it was hands-on, not academic. So people were having a go and it was a two-way thing – working together rather than just being told what to do. Sarah Hellings, 25, England