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Weber Gift Finder

Find the perfect gift – choose a skill level.

For people already familiar with essential barbecue techniques but looking forward to stepping up their game. Help them improve their barbecue skills.

Find the perfect gift for your barbecue hero

Weber Products

Recommended gifts for intermediate level barbecuers

Choose maximum price

  • Weber's American BBQ
    Weber's American BBQ
    € 19.76
    incl. VAT
  • Spice Grinder
    Spice Grinder
    € 14.99
    incl. VAT
  • Grill Brush 12"
    Grill Brush 12"
    € 12.99
    incl. VAT
  • Deluxe Grilling Pan
    Deluxe Grilling Pan
    € 29.99
    incl. VAT
  • Premium Tool Set
    Premium Tool Set
    € 39.99
    incl. VAT
  • Premium Tool Set
    Premium Tool Set
    € 59.99
    incl. VAT
  • Enamel Sign
    Enamel Sign
    € 59.95
    incl. VAT
  • Deluxe Barbecue Rack
    Deluxe Barbecue Rack
    € 49.99
    incl. VAT
  • Microfibre Cloth
    Microfibre Cloth
    € 2.99
    incl. VAT