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Charcoal Briquettes and Accessories

The perfect cut of meat deserves the best fuel and accessories to prepare it. The new Weber briquettes burn with a steady and sustained heat and they’re 100% natural with no added chemicals - all you taste is the food. Pair the briquettes with any of our charcoal accessories and you're one step closer to BBQ success!

  • Charcoal Rake
    Charcoal Rake
    € 19.99
    incl. VAT
  • Char-Baskets
    € 24.99
    incl. VAT
  • Charcoal Rails
    Charcoal Rails
    € 14.99
    incl. VAT
  • Weber Lumpwood 10 kg
    Weber Lumpwood 10 kg
    € 18.99
    incl. VAT
  • Lighter
    € 9.99
    incl. VAT