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Barbecue Tools

Only the best tools will do for the barbecue hero. They're the formula for success and the starting point to every juicy burger and perfectly-seared steak. Once you've got the basics down, pair your tools with any of our hundreds of fun, barbecue accessories.

  • Premium Tongs
    Premium Tongs
    incl. VAT € 24.99
  • Premium Spatula
    Premium Spatula
    incl. VAT € 24.99
  • Premium Tool Set
    Premium Tool Set
    incl. VAT € 59.99
  • Pizza Cutter
    Pizza Cutter
    incl. VAT € 24.99
  • Pizza Stone 36 cm
    Pizza Stone 36 cm
    incl. VAT € 39.99
  • Premium Tool Set
    Premium Tool Set
    incl. VAT € 39.99
  • Skewer Set
    Skewer Set
    incl. VAT € 17.99
  • Kebab Set
    Kebab Set
    incl. VAT € 34.99
  • Non-Stick Spray
    Non-Stick Spray
    incl. VAT € 7.99
  • Bamboo Skewers
    Bamboo Skewers
    incl. VAT € 4.99