Cleaning Kit for Stainless Steel Gas Barbecues

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Cleaning Kit for Stainless Steel Gas Barbecues

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Make your barbecue cooking and looking like new – season after season. With the cleaning kit specially made for stainless steel Weber® gas barbecues you have all the essentials to give your barbecue a deep cleaning from time to time and prepping it for your next cooking session. This will keep your barbecue in top shape – ensuring high performance, safety, and ultimate grilling experiences. Includes brushes, cleaning products, sponge, cloth and Non-Stick Spray.

All you need for maintaining your stainless steel barbecue

1. 17875 Grate Cleaner (300 ml) loosens grease and food residue on grates
2. 17682 Stainless Steel Cleaner (300 ml) cleans and protects external stainless steel surfaces
3. 17685 Non-Stick Spray (200 ml) helps food lift easily from the grates
4. 17688 Sponge has a coarse side to clean grates, plus a fine side for lids and other surfaces
5. 17689 Microfibre Cloth for wiping and polishing the external surfaces of the barbecue
6. 6277 Three-Sided Barbecue Brush removes food debris and grease from cooking grates
7. 6279 Detail Brush for cleaning burner tubes, FLAVORIZER bars, and smaller spaces
8. 6202 Gas Barbecue Maintenance Kit includes spider guard brush and cookbox scraper

Part Number: #18283

Cleaning Kit for Stainless Steel Gas Barbecues

€ 74,99
incl. VAT
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Individual Carton Dimensions
7.6cm H x 3.4cm W x 59.5cm D
Set of 8 products
Kit with all the tools needed to perform seasonal maintenance on stainless steel Weber® gas barbecues
Good value package
Includes Grill Brush for the grates, Q & Grate Cleaner, Sponge (2 pcs), Cookbox Scraper, Spider Guard Brush, Grill Brush for the burners, Non-Stick Spray, Stainless Steel Cleaner, and a Microfibre Cloth
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