Payment Methods


You may use your VISA or MASTERCARD credit card to pay for any applicable fees and charges. When you provide credit card information to Weber, you represent to Weber that you are the authorized user of the credit card that is used to pay the fees and charges applicable to the subject Account. As the Account holder, you are responsible for all fees and charges incurred, including applicable taxes, and all purchases made by you or anyone that uses your Account, including your family or friends. This means that, unless your Account or credit card information is obtained unlawfully or fraudulently by someone other than those authorized by you to use your Account, you will be responsible for all usage and purchases on your Account.

You may pay for any applicable fees and charges by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, or other such methods authorized by Weber. However, non-Hong Kong cardholders transacting on this site may be subject to international fees as Weber-Stephen Products (Hong Kong) Limited is a company incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong, with registered office at 1708-12, 17/F, Sterling Centre, 11 Cheung Yue Street. Cheung Sha Wan. Kowloon.