Football fever: 5 party food you can grill5 Grill Ideas For Your Football Party


Nothing amplifies a good match like the friends you watch it with—even if you don’t support the same team. With just a few games left to go, hurry up and invite a few friends over. Even if the game doesn’t go your way, these easy grill ideas will more than make up for it—and they’re made for sharing!

Racks of Lamb with Mustard-Caper Board Dressing

What’s great about this recipe is that you can marinade it the night before your game, and it only takes 16 minutes on the grill. And unlike steaks, there’s no need for proper plates and cumbersome forks and knives either so everyone can keep their eyes on the ball.


Grilled Mango-Corn Salsa

Freshen up your party with a healthy salsa that your friends can enjoy with their grilled meat or even just dig in and dip in with store-bought corn chips. While there are recipes for no-cook, no-grill salsas, what grilling does here is take the edge off the red onions for that natural sweetness, and char the corn for that added smokiness.

Another great reason why salsas are great for parties—you can make different versions in the same batch—in different bowls, substitute mango for other fruits like apple or pineapple (which you can also throw on the grill).


Char-Grilled Oysters with Bacon-Bourbon-Ginger Butter

Never miss a moment of the game with these fuss-free oysters that you can just throw on during half-time—they only take 3 minutes on the grill. While the butter does take a little work, it can be done ahead of time so you don’t have to miss a moment of the game or bonding time with your friends.


Cedar Planked Wings

Game nights and wings go hand-in-hand across all cultures. Take your wing game a notch and grill them on a cedar plank for that extra smokey flavor with a spicy and sweet bite.


Grilled Nachos

Nothing spells party like a hearty bowl of nachos with all the works—you don’t even have to make the toppings from scratch. Have leftover roast chicken, steak or fish in the fridge? Shred it up and along with some chopped tomatoes, pickled jalapenos and shredded cheese over tortilla chips, grill for about 10 minutes until the cheese has melted.